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Amari "Tyrel" Bryant
Location: Toronto , Ontario
Country: Canada
For women who have a taste for the dark side of life

About Amari "Tyrel" Bryant

Evening Ladies, Please Note: ***Ladies Only*** Discretion and Safety for both you and I is of the utmost importance so I do not post face shots of myself. However I do offer all potential clients a FREE "Ice Breaker" call. This is an opportunity to contact me first for quick chat via phone, text or email which ever you prefer and make sure your comfortable with me. After the ice breaker, I'd be glad to provide you with a picture before we meet. My name is Amari, I'm a 35 year old, educated, articulate smart, STRAIGHT male and I work in corporate consulting. I currently live in the GTA. I'm 5'10", short black wavy hair, brown eyes and an athletic build. Are you looking for some attention, mental stimulation, an exciting time, great conversation and a few laughs? Well I'd be happy to oblige. I'll make sure you have a memorable experience. My prices are flexible (especially for first time AYR Club clients) so if your a woman who deserves the royal treatment with some fun - one click, phone call or text and it would be my pleasure to show you another side to life. Amari 437.227.2972 [email protected]

Lastupdated: 2019-10-02

Contact Amari "Tyrel" Bryant
Telephone: 437.227.2792
Email: [email protected]

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